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Foo Ming Qing
Foo Ming Qing

Engineer, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)

Q: Tell us more about yourself and your work at ST Electronics.
I am a software engineer in the Network Solutions Division (NSD) and I am a part of a team that works on Internet of Things (IoT) management systems. Our job is to integrate different components of these control systems and ensure that they are easy to use and are secure.

Currently, we are working on a street lighting management system that city planners can use to remotely control and monitor street lights in a city. I write software that enables this system to interact with different radio transceivers and different radio protocols that are used to communicate with street lights.

At the same time, I make sure that these interactions are protected so that intruders cannot interfere or eavesdrop on our operations.

Q: What motivates you at work?
I am encouraged to know that what I do makes a difference to our society and environment. By making our street lights “smart”, we are reducing electricity consumption and making our streets safer. The possibilities extend beyond street lighting – the same system can monitor traffic and introduce smart meters into our homes.

At the same time, I am thrilled to contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative and help ST Electronics compete on the global stage alongside major industry players such as Cisco and IBM. These are exciting times for ST Electronics and Singapore and there will be major breakthroughs and progress in this business area.

“Despite my lack of experience, ST Electronics placed me on “live” projects on Day One with a talented and motivated team.”
Foo Ming Qing, Engineer, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)

Q: What is one misconception people always have about an electronics engineer?
I am learning and picking up new skills every day in my career as a software engineer. This is borne out of both interest and necessity – in the field of software and IoT business, technologies can change in the span of months.

As an example, we are witnessing cloud computing replace on-premises software and our team has to undergo training to prepare for this transition. It requires constant effort to keep up, but ST Electronics is supportive of this and invests heavily in career development and skills upgrading.  I benefited from external training courses as well as internal knowledge sharing sessions among ST Electronics engineers.

Q: How does your career at ST Electronics fit into your aspirations?
Despite my lack of experience, ST Electronics placed me on “live” projects on Day One with a talented and motivated team. Interactions with customers and vendors allowed me to appreciate the complexity of our products and the impact that they have on all parties. Along with the patience and mentorship of my teammates, these factors helped me improve rapidly as a software engineer.

My career also does not restrict my experiences within Singapore. I write this as I am attached to a division in Israel that specialises in low-powered radio communication. In integrating their technology into a larger system, I learn the intricacies of cross-cultural collaboration and see a bit more of the world.