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Low Jin Yi
Low Jin Yi

Senior Engineer, ST Marine

Q: What is it like to work at ST Marine?
ST Marine is a shipbuilding and ship repair company whose business sector resides in the traditional side of the manufacturing industry. Some job seekers may find the work laborious, dirty and dangerous, and economists sometimes see it as a predominantly sunset industry.

Despite the negative connotations, working in ST Marine has always provided me with a constant form of new challenges every day.

The dynamic nature of the job scope allows me to push myself beyond my comfort zone to create unique engineering solutions for the clients. Most importantly, I derive a sense of personal satisfaction when I am able to translate my learnt engineering knowledge and skills to tangible results and outcomes at work.

“Instead of a desk-bounded ‘warrior’, my job gives me the opportunity to be more hands-on at on-site locations as well as onboard ships.”
Low Jin Yi, Senior Engineer, ST Marine

Q: What is one misconception people always have about being a mechanical engineer?
People think of someone who wields a spanner in one hand and a bolt in the other; in a similar fashion to how electrical engineers are viewed as plain computer coders. Mechanical engineers are actually product designers with a varied range of specialisation in the fields of heat transfer, stress analysis, combustion, engine propulsion theory and more.

They help to create some of the world’s most fascinating machines we see around us today. Take for an example, the Formula One cars which fuel our adrenaline rush during the annual Singapore Grand Prix. They are a testament to the type of products and ideas which are conceived by the best minds of mechanical engineers.

Q: What do you find most meaningful in your job?
The knowledge that the successful completion of a job is achieved not through a one-man effort or planning, but rather through the concerted efforts of people of different trades and specialisations. In my job scope, I am also able to contribute my engineering knowledge, opinions and efforts to the team, and be part of a success story. It’s the best motivation to go to work each day.