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Disruptive events that halt production can have business consequences if not appropriately managed. Such events include extreme weather events, industrial accidents or labour strikes. ST Engineering recognises that quick recovery and resumption of business operations after a disruption are critical to minimise the impact and maintain public confidence. An inability to fulfil critical business obligations may result in significant financial losses or even cause contagion or systemic impact with broader disruptions to the entire business. Besides insurance coverage which recovers certain quantifiable losses, to protect against erosion of reputation and loss of public confidence, the Group has in place a business continuity programme that extends to cover all significant operations and facilities as well as operations and facilities of key vendors or service providers that provide us with critical services. To date, all significant business entities in Singapore have achieved BCM certification in accordance with ISO 22301. Annually, periodic tests on the business continuity plans are carried out. The results, together with audit findings and areas for improvement in the BCM framework, are reviewed and discussed with the respective Sector Risk and Audit Committees and the Risk and Sustainability Committee.