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AERIA Luxury Interiors

Uncompromising Standards

Our full-service VIP Completions Centre offers services such as design, engineering, fabrication, installation and certification. We also provide heavy maintenance services for large transport category aircraft and total cabin refurbishments and system upgrades, including IFE and communications systems.

AERIA Luxury Interiors provides a full range of services to ensure that every facet of aircraft interior refurbishment and completion is performed to uncompromising standards, from design to interior installation to maintenance.

Our capabilities include cabinetry, avionics/electrical, upholstery, sheet metal fabrication and installation, interior paint and systems.

Quality of Our Work

Bespoke Design

We create aerial spaces suited for heads of state, titans of industry, corporations and individuals who expect and appreciate impeccable taste, luxurious comfort and richly appointed accommodations. Our designers work with a deep understanding of the form and function of VIP aircraft interiors, composing works that range from airborne palaces to sleek executive environments.

Interior Installation

An AERIA Luxury Interiors interior installation is the orchestration of the highest quality materials and components, assembled with exquisite attention to detail and flawless craftsmanship. The resulting space is an environment that delights the senses as it surrounds its occupants with unrivalled luxury.


We are able to offer customers the advantages of a global maintenance, repair and overhaul organisation. We are a division of VT San Antonio Aerospace, an affiliate of ST Engineering Aerospace and we can thus draw on the reach of their global network, which has facilities and affiliates located at key aviation hubs in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the US.