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Commercial MRO

Reliable, Safe and Customised MRO Solutions

Our capabilities cover airframe maintenance and modification, as well as aerostructures repair and overhaul.

With the use of smart technologies and data analytics, we provide high quality, timely and reliable MRO solutions that can be fully customized to keep our customers’ mind at ease and their aircraft flying safely.

What We Do

Airframe MRO

We offer a wide range of airframe MRO services, including line, light and heavy maintenance, structural repair and modification work, service bulletin/airworthiness directive compliance, passenger-to-freighter conversions and full-scale interior reconfigurations.

We operate three large airframe maintenance facilities in North America, with each location recognized by our long-standing customers for outstanding quality and performance standards.

San Antonio, TX 
Our San Antonio facility is centrally located at the San Antonio International Airport. The facility specializes in aircraft heavy maintenance and modifications for most transport-category commercial aircraft. With hangar and support shop capacity in excess of 700,000 square feet, it can accommodate eight widebody and five narrowbody aircraft at the same time. Learn More about ST Engineering Aerospace San Antonio

Mobile, AL
Established by ST Engineering more than 30 years ago, our Mobile facility has grown to nearly 900,000 square feet of hangar and backshop facilities at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley Field. A world-class aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility in its own right, VT MAE is certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration as a Class 4 repair station. The facility offers comprehensive aircraft maintenance and modification services for an extensive range of airframe types, and can accommodate eight widebody and two narrowbody aircraft simultaneously.

Pensacola, FL
Opened in 2018, ST Engineering's state-of-the-art facility at the Pensacola International Airport can accommodate up to six lines of narrowbody heavy maintenance. Plans are underway to add three additional hangars, each capable of accommodating at least two widebody or six narrowbody aircraft. Learn More about ST Engineering Aerospace Mobile and Pensacola

Component MRO

Middle River Aerostructure Systems in Maryland has expanded on its experience as an OEM of engine nacelle systems to offer repair and overhaul services on inlets, fan cowls, thrust reversers and exhaust nozzles.

Learn more about Component MRO


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