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Aerospace – Component Total Support


Raising support capabilities

An appointed service centre for leading OEMs and a leader in component maintenance supply solutions with combined capabilities for more than 25,000 mechanical and avionics component types, we offer services for avionics (including electrical, radar/communications, instruments and electro-optics) and mechanical components (including heli-dynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics and propellers).

To support the new generation aircraft, we recently enhanced its capabilities to include MRO services on the components and nacelle systems of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

We also provide a wide range of aircraft component management and support services, including Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) and material supply programme (MSP) support, warehouse and material management, Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) spares and service support, aircraft parts trading, aircraft operating lease and OEM representation.