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Highly Customised, Easy to Use

EcoPower offers different solutions, depending on a customer’s preference.  Customers can choose to use their own equipment to wash their engines with their crew, or they can have EcoServices wash the engines at one of our 25 global service centres.  Alternatively, we can visit customers at their premises, at nearly any location in the world.

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We have performed over 65,000 washes for commercial and military customers worldwide.  The EcoPower wash system allows fast washing of engines to meet operators' schedules.  Because we collect the wash water, we can wash at the gate, on the ramp, or in the hangar – our customers don't have to move the aircraft to a wash stand.

Because of our easy, tool-less installation, we can complete the wash quickly, typically washing both engines on a twin aircraft in one to two hours.

We treat the collected wash water, re-using it for future washes.  The only waste we generate is the filter elements we use to purify the water.

Effective Wash Programme

Because EcoPower is easy, our customers can implement effective wash programmes, typically washing each engine two or more times per year.  This frequency of washing keeps engines clean, with low operating temperatures and optimal fuel efficiency.

We have demonstrated dramatically improved engine performance over many years, due to the lower operating temperatures from an effective wash programme.