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ST Aerospace Academy

One-Stop Training Solution

Apart from commercial pilot licence (CPL) training programmes, we are among a select few flight training centres in the world to train airline cadets under the Multi Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) programme.


Quality of Our Work

Ab-initio Training

As global demand for air travel continues to grow and airlines around the world expand their fleets, the industry looks to fill an increasing number of pilot seats.  We provide trainees with a head start into the world of commercial flying by equipping them with a high-quality flight education under the guidance and mentorship of our experienced instructor team.

ST Aerospace Academy's ab-initio pilot training programmes are suitable for applicants with little or no flying experience.

Advanced/Simulator Training

To meet the continual training needs of qualified pilots and airlines, we offer a suite of advanced and recurrent training courses at our purpose-built Simulator Training Centre in Singapore.

The training centre is strategically located at Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore, where we have an A320 Full Flight Simulator and an A320 Fixed Base Simulator.  Both are available for dry and wet leasing.

CAAC Programmes/Others

Besides holding approvals from multiple national aviation authorities, we are able to customise our solutions to satisfy the regulatory requirements of airlines operating in different countries.

For the Chinese market, ST Aerospace Academy is a CCAR 141 flight school approved by CAAC and well recognised by Chinese airlines for our impeccable safety track record and high quality CPL and high performance aircraft training.

Our suite of pilot training solutions is complemented by programmes such as English language proficiency training and Aviation English testing, thus allowing us to offer airlines turnkey solutions to meet their operational requirements.