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Delivering Next Generation Waste Management Solutions in Tianjin Eco-City, China


Initiated in 2007, the Tianjin Eco-city project is a bilateral, national-level project between the Singapore and China governments which aims to be a model for sustainable cities. A 30km2 greenfield area located on saltpans and non-arable land was identified for the development of the township, of which an 8km2 start up area was marked for initial development.



In 2010, ST Engineering was awarded a contract to implement a Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS) to collect recyclables, non-recyclables, and food waste in the Eco-city’s Eco-Business park.

The PWCS is an enclosed system that conveys waste using air through underground piping network from discharge points to the bin centre where the waste is compacted in containers. It offers a more hygienic option to conventional waste collection methods and minimises vehicular traffic and noise, thus improving the city’s aesthetics. As it is fully automated, the need for manpower is reduced while operations can still run round the clock.

The PWCS also offers flexibility and scalability as it can be installed for individual buildings or a township. It can also be adapted to developments that require a higher level of safety and hygiene control such as hospitals.


The PWCS was designed and constructed to handle waste generated by a population of 15,000, covering a land area of approximately 26.6 hectares. It serves landmark buildings and public areas in the Eco-Business Park, with its waste storage and collection system managed centrally by a sub-station. It also has the ability to be connected to private developments in the future.

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