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Partnering Hong Kong in its Smart Transformation


Formerly the epicentre of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry in the 1950s, Kowloon East has been earmarked by the local government to be a smart city pilot area as it looks to revitalise the area and transform it into the city’s second Central Business District.

The Energising Kowloon East office (EKEO), which leads the area’s revitalisation efforts, has been engaging various stakeholders to explore smart city development ideas and collaboration opportunities. Several proof of concept (PoC) trials have been conducted, one of which is the smart lamp post trial which was contracted to ST Engineering.



Smart Lamp Posts

In June 2018, customised multi-purpose lamp posts (MPLP) were installed in Kowloon East. Interconnected with a telecommunications network to form an Internet of Things (IoT) backbone, the MPLP leverages IoT sensors that are fixed on the lamp posts to enable real-time collection of city data such as weather, air quality, temperature, people and vehicle flow-related information. This will allow improved city management and support various other smart city initiatives.

The MPLP also provides services such as Wi-Fi hotspots, electric vehicle charging facility, information dashboard for maps and directions, real-time traffic updates and car parking space vacancy information to residents. The use of renewable energy to power the MPLP will also be trialed.


Beyond providing smart street lighting, the MPLP transforms lamp posts into smart infrastructure that facilitate the delivery of smart services to local residents. It will also deliver enhanced efficiency of city services and operations. In addition, the implementation of the MPLP is expected to enable early fault detection and achieve energy savings of up to 40%.

The smart lamp post trial is Hong Kong’s first step towards enabling smart city applications by leveraging street lighting infrastructure to support the deployment of a robust and resilient wireless sensor network. The street lighting infrastructure leverages the IoT ecosystem to facilitate seamless data exchange and analytics, offering deeper insights for predictive operations and maintenance.

The trial is currently underway and will be completed in December 2019.

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