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Improving Road Traffic Management in Singapore for Enhanced Motoring Experience


Faced with an increasing vehicular population and increasingly congested roads, the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) was keen to utilise technology to enhance the efficiency of road operations and to optimise the capacity of Singapore's road networks.



ST Engineering was commissioned by the LTA to build and install the Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS) on major expressways and arterial road corridors in Singapore in a phased approach.

The EMAS comprises a network of surveillance cameras that track traffic information such as vehicle speed and obstructions, and transmits the information automatically to a control centre manned by operators. Cameras installed on buildings and lamp posts near expressways and Junction Electronic Eyes System (J-Eyes) situated at road junctions, enable operators to monitor traffic flow and spot obstructions, allowing the LTA to respond promptly to incidents and congestion. Traffic information is subsequently disseminated by operators to motorists on multiple platforms including electronic signboards, radio broadcasts, website and mobile phone application.

Information from EMAS is updated 24 hours a day and includes traffic conditions, estimated travelling times and recommended travel speeds, allowing motorists to make informed decisions to avoid congested roads.

The EMAS covers all 150km of Singapore's network of expressways and approximately 149km of major arterial roads.


The EMAS has been effective in helping to improve traffic management by facilitating central monitoring and control of traffic, allowing early detection and mitigation of incidents. At the same time, it also helps motorists better plan their journey to avoid congested areas, thus reducing travel time. 

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