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Protecting and Strengthening Critical Digital Infrastructures in Sri Lanka


Cognisant of the benefits and risks of digitalisation, the government of Sri Lanka launched its National Information and Cyber Security Strategy in 2018 to create a resilient and trusted cybersecurity ecosystem for its citizens and organisations. A secure and reliable digital infrastructure was identified as a key focus area and one initiative to support this was the establishment of a National Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC).



With its deep domain knowledge and experience, ST Engineering was appointed by the Information and Communication Agency of Sri Lanka to provide consultancy services for the implementation of the National SOC in 2018.

In addition to the design and implementation strategy for the National SOC, ST Engineering also provided cybersecurity training and awareness programmes based on the latest cyber defence technologies to strengthen the cyber readiness of Sri Lanka’s digital team and its partners such as the Sri Lanka Computer Computer Emergency Readiness Team | Coordination Centre (CERT|CC).

Our Cybersecurity Solutions

The ST Engineering cybersecurity team is well-equipped with deep domain knowledge and extensive experience to protect critical information infrastructures. Having built four major SOC for customers from both government and commercial organisations, ST Engineering is well-versed in managing the technical intricacies and operational challenges of SOC.

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