IoT Solutions for Municipal Services

The Internet of Smart Cities

WISX, ST Engineering’s multi-domain IoT solutions platform, puts the power of smart technologies and predictive analytics in your hands. Developed to help city service providers easily manage multiple municipal services, WISX generates useful insights and enables predictive actions that improve the efficiency of city operations.
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Empowering Smart Cities with Data


Leverages best-in-class IoT technologies, data analytics and communications solutions, integrated on a single platform for better visibility, insights, and decision-making.


Uses data analytics to achieve more responsive preventive and predictive maintenance as well as quick responses to environmental changes, ensuring high availability of quality city services.


Reduces energy consumption to boost energy savings. Resources are shared to reduce costly investments on infrastructure and technology.


WISX Smart Street Lighting

Keeping Cities Smart and Safe

Smart Street Lighting

Street lighting is an urban necessity that does not have to eat into your energy budget. Our Smart Street Lighting solution offers complete visibility of all aspects of your city’s lighting performance while offering full control of your city’s luminosity to optimise energy use.

It is an end-to-end smart city solution that connects street lighting to form a robust sensor network for real-time collection and analytics of sensor data, to better monitor cities for insights-driven maintenance, optimised operational efficiency and future expansion of other smart city applications.

  • Full control of individual and groups of street lighting luminosity in response to changing environmental conditions, resulting in energy savings
  • Informative dashboard with real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance scheduling
  • Smart lighting with built-in sensors to monitor air quality, weather, flood, noise, traffic, vehicular and pedestrian movements, and more
  • Ability to be integrated with other smart city applications

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WISX Smart Environment Monitoring

Sustainable and Liveable Environments

Our smart monitoring system puts you in complete awareness of your environment, equipping you with the ability to maintain quality of life in a crowded city. From weather to air quality, flood level and waste monitoring, WISX enables you to respond quickly to environmental changes, ensuring optimal living conditions for your communities.

  • Temperature, weather, flood, air and water quality monitoring
  • Noise pollution monitoring
  • Optimised waste management
  • Rodent detection and capture

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WISX Smart Lift Monitoring

Elevating Lift Safety

Lift safety should never be a cause for concern. Our Smart Lift Monitoring System leverages in-built sensors and advanced analytics to give you continuous visibility of your lifts’ overall performance, with predictive analytics to help you establish rigorous maintenance programmes. Our solution utilises a non-intrusive approach and can work with any lift brand and model.


  • Remote monitoring of lift operations
  • Establishment of preventive maintenance programmes
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Reduce lift breakdowns and incidents

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WISX Smart Utilities

Savings from Automated Utility Metering

You now have the power of real-time water management in your hands. WISX smart water metering solutions and advanced metering infrastructure allow you to remotely and effortlessly retrieve water consumption data for more efficient utility management. City operators can now predict potential problems, improve maintenance regimes and minimise service disruptions for improved service to residents.

  • Water leakage alerts and notifications
  • Identification of potential problems through predictive algorithms and analytics
  • Remote meter reading to monitor and collect water consumption data

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Building Sustainable and Liveable Cities


  • Global Footprint

    Our solutions have powered cities in the UK, US, Canada, France, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Singapore and more.

  • Proven Track Record

    More than 15 million of our wireless sensors and smart solutions have transformed cities worldwide.

  • Future-Ready Platform

    Scalable, modular and future-ready, our solutions integrate data from multiple sources across different domains into a single, unified platform for insight-driven decision-making that enhances city services.

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