Smart Water and Waste Management

Creating Sustainable Cities Today for Tomorrow

ST Engineering makes environmental sustainability our philosophy. Drawing on years of engineering expertise and deep technical knowledge, we help you design water, waste and renewable energy solutions that prioritise environmental preservation, keeping cities intact for generations to come.
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Building Sustainable Environments

One-Stop Solution

End-to-end solutions meet varying needs along the entire value chain - from engineering, procurement, and construction, to design, build-to-operation and maintenance.


Real-time data collection from various assets and infrastructure offer actionable insights for timely executive and operational decision-making.

Operational Efficiency

Systematic monitoring of plant components extends service life, avoiding unscheduled downtimes while significantly improving plant availability.



Making Water Safe for Life

In the face of fast-growing populations and rapidly depleting water sources, it has become vital for governments to find sustainable methods to deliver clean water. With our expertise and advanced technologies, we put you in control of your water, delivering cutting-edge solutions for a future-ready water industry.

  • Adherence to World Health Organisation Water Standards
  • High throughput performance and efficient electrical consumption
  • Remote monitoring from any location

Solid Waste

Keeping Waste under Wraps

in the face of rapid urbanisation, inadequate waste management and disposal can lead to environmental pollution and disease outbreaks. That’s why our solutions employ innovative methods to efficiently manage, recycle and dispose of all types of waste.

  • Automated waste management
  • Actionable insights with data analytics
  • Clean cityscapes with minimal refuse vehicle movement

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