Rail Electronics Solutions

Redefining the Rail Experience

It takes a well-integrated ecosystem to deliver a smooth and enjoyable journey for commuters. ST Engineering's integrated suite of rail solutions work as one to enhance efficiency, optimise capacity and modernise rail systems to provide comfortable and safe rides for urban dwellers.
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Comprehensive Rail Electronics Solutions


Multiple integrated systems provide all-round situational awareness and visibility to better predict and mitigate failures and emergencies.

Customer Experience

Wireless payment options, real-time station information, and enhanced safety standards ensure fuss-free and enjoyable journeys.


Demand predictability and asset optimisation drive operational efficiency and improve cost management.


Command, Control and Communications (C3)

The Heart of Smart Metro Systems

ST Engineering has developed robust and resilient software to power all rail operations. Integrated with critical electrical and mechanical sub-systems, the Command, Control and Communications System (C3 system) provides complete visibility and situational awareness of the entire metro line. It monitors, tracks and analyses data, and predicts potential power outages and track faults to enable safer and more efficient railway operations.

  • Real-time monitoring and control of integrated metro operations
  • Non-invasive cyberthreat detection, identification and isolation
  • Energy usage prediction and optimisation

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Smart Metro Control Centre (SMCC)

Averting Disaster through Predictive Warnings

We help you take the complexity out of managing a city-wide multi-modal transport network – including roads, buses and taxis - with a centralised, integrated and scalable platform. Backed by advanced analytics capabilities, our Smart Metro Control Centre (SMCC) can detect abnormalities, predict system failures and provide early warnings of potential disruptions, facilitating faster response and improving operations.

  • Train movement, road traffic and commuter density tracking
  • Predictive analysis on potential service disruptions
  • Time-based threshold to alert for deviation in system performance and commuter behaviour
  • Single dashboard with real-time operational overview of the entire transport network

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Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS)

Optimise Operations, Eliminate Downtime

Stay on top of your maintenance programmes and optimise the lifecycle management of your rail assets across your entire network. By collecting and analysing asset performance data such as maintenance history, warranty and usage, our Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) enables performance tracking for optimal asset performance, and improves operational and cost efficiencies.


  • Centralised network asset tracking for full visibility
  • Fault analysis and prediction to reduce rail downtime
  • Resource management to optimise maintenance cycles
  • Availability and utilisation performance measurement for predictive maintenance

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Platform Screen Door (PSD)

Drawing the Line at Safety

Our Platform Screen Door (PSD) systems blend form and function to deliver safe, highly reliable and aesthetic solutions for rail stations. Highly customisable with state-of-the-art features like dynamic displays and passenger counting, they are engineered to withstand high volume traffic and severe weather conditions while still maintaining station aesthetics.

  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certified
  • Train presence detection and synchronisation with door opening/closing
  • Dynamic digital displays to serve commuters with vital journey information
  • Independent Platform Screen Door (IPSD) offers a quick and cost-effective solution to existing signalling systems  
  • Choice of different glass facades in half-height, semi-full height and full-height that integrate with modern station architecture
  • Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, earthquakes, and typhoons

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Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

Fare Collection made Easy 

Our Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system automates end-to-end fare collection for greater operational efficiency and commuter convenience. From fare collection stations supporting diverse payment methods, to integrating with backend accounting platforms, AFC gives you real-time fare and usage visibility to enable smarter decision-making.

  • Diverse fare collection methods with Closed Payment (via contactless smart cards), Open Payment (via Near Field Communication (NFC)) and Hands-Free Payment options (via long range communication smart tag or biometrics) integrated in one system
  • Fully customisable, modular, all-in-one Interactive Traveller Terminal (ITT) for ticketing services, customer service and commercial advertisements

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Passenger Information System (PIS)

Connecting with Commuters

Keeping passengers safe and informed are key elements of reliable rail service. Our Passenger Information Systems (PIS) solution delivers real-time passenger information to keep them updated on all aspects of their journey. Through the use of our award-winning Passenger Emergency Communications System, operators can also communicate directly with passengers in times of emergencies, even on driverless trains.

  • Integrated suite of real-time passenger information, entertainment and commercial advertisements to passengers in stations and on board trains.
  • Audio and video communications between passengers in train cabins and the Operation Control Centre during emergencies
  • Real-time information on passenger capacity with up to 98% accuracy for effective crowd and train management

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The ST Engineering Difference

  • Track Record

    One of the few companies in the world capable of delivering a full suite of smart Metro systems and solutions. We have delivered more than 100 transit system projects globally.

  • Experience

    More than 30 years experience in designing and implementing complex turnkey solutions, both in Singapore and internationally.

  • Recognition

    Recipient of multiple awards and accolades for business excellence and product quality, including the prestigious Singapore Quality Award since 2002.

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