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Embracing the Future of Urban Mobility

At ST Engineering, we rethink how people and goods move in cities. Driven by smart applications, sensors and digital technologies, together with our strong domain expertise, we create solutions that enhance mobility and safety, and improve commuters’ travel experience.
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Reduce Congestion, Improve Quality of Life

Improve Safety

Enhance road safety of users with an integrated monitoring and advisory system, automated enforcement and smart junction solutions.

Reduce Congestion

Enable smoother traffic and better commuter experience with all-round traffic visibility, real-time traffic information, and data-driven analytics-based traffic management.

Enhance Efficiency

Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by optimising asset management and infrastructure availability, and enhancing situational awareness.

cetrac® Urban Transport Management Solutions

Our cetrac® Urban Transport Management suite of solutions seamlessly connects people, devices and systems, offering smart connectivity, interactivity, analytics and real-time traffic information to ensure smooth commuter journeys.



Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Proven Smart Mobility  

For a people-first city transport network, its disparate modes and operators must be synergised and integrated as one. To achieve this, we leverage innovative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technologies and big data analytics to enable transport operators and agencies worldwide to meet the mobility needs of cities. Our real-time traffic awareness and operational capabilities result in better management of traffic congestion, improved commuter safety and enhanced operational efficiency for transport agencies.

  • Centralised traffic management platform for complete situational awareness
  • Analytics and machine learning for better insights and evaluation of traffic networks
  • Combination of historical and real-time traffic data to forecast traffic conditions and enable proactive traffic management
  • Modular and highly scalable traffic management systems for easy future expansion and integration

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Taxi Fleet Management System

Data Driven Visibility

Tracking and monitoring large vehicle fleets and optimising supply and demand to improve operational efficiency is critical to public transport fleet (e.g. buses and taxis) operators. Our cetrac® Fleet Management System offers real-time monitoring and tracking solutions to better manage and optimise asset allocation, as well as vehicle-to-driver/customer matching. Powered by advanced connectivity, sensors, and data analytics, we provide all-round fleet management enhancement in operational efficiency, fleet visibility and performance evaluation, and resource management.

  • Enhanced fleet visibility and performance evaluation
  • Fleet data analytics for effective profiling and optimised resource planning
  • Complete audit trail of fleet movement
  • Real-time communications between driver and control centre
  • Panic alarm to ensure driver safety and cargo security


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Smart Car Park Platform

Park it Smart

Provide convenient and seamless car parking services to motorists with ticketless access, cashless payment, and an easy car-park-search app. Our fully automated cetrac® Smart Car Park solution unifies all car park operations on a single robust, cloud-based platform. It provides real-time visibility and unmatched analytics of your car park operations, such as occupancy status and fee collection, to optimise parking space utilisation and improve operational efficiency and maintenance.

  • Unified platform to track, monitor and manage car park status and operations
  • Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for reliable vehicle recognition with high accuracy
  • Deep analytics delivers actionable insights to optimise parking space utilisation
  • User-friendly mobile app for cashless payment and real-time parking information


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The ST Engineering Difference

  • Proven Track Record

    With extensive experience and domain knowledge in urban transport management, we have successfully managed over 250,000 car park lots and tracked more than 30,000 vehicles.

  • Trusted by Many

    Our traffic management solutions have received recognition and accreditation from customers, industry and partners.

  • Innovative Technology

    Leading ITS solutions provider in innovation, safety and efficiency.

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