Drone Network Solutions

DroNet: Bringing Aerial Intelligence to Smart Cities

Our drone network system, DroNet opens up possibilities for applications in urban environments such as parcel deliveries, infrastructure inspections, enhanced surveillance and tightening national security. It is a safe and effective method for collecting and aggregating data, facilitating insightful decision-making as well as performing selected tasks within dense urban areas.
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Changing the way we Work


Autonomously perform multiple tasks simultaneously to derive outcome-based solutions while seamlessly turning data into insights.


Compliant with aviation safety and regulatory requirements, our drones complete tasks safely without putting humans or manned air traffic at risk.

Multiple Applications

Improve processes and optimise manpower across Maritime, Aviation, Public Security, Logistics, Construction and Environmental industries.


Drone Network Solutions

Bringing Smart Cities to the Skies

Built on a fully automated aerial platform, DroNet, our drone network solution, revolutionises the way we work. Comprising mission planning, flight, data collection and deep analysis, our integrated aerial solution executes missions from beginning to end with a focus on outcomes.

It is an end-to-end solution that's infused with a multi-functional network of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with swappable batteries and payloads, housed in remote automated stations (DroPorts) placed at key locations covering the area of interest and controlled from an intelligent centralised control centre (DroHub) operated by a lean crew.


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Innovative Solutions, Infinite Possibilities

  • Maritime

    Inspect port cranes for defects, enhancing safety and efficiency of port operations.

  • Aviation

    Automate aircraft inspection and defect detection to improve fault tracking and aircraft turnaround time.

  • Public Security

    Schedule perimeter surveillance and track suspicious targets autonomously to provide near real-time situational awareness and shorten response time to the incident site.

  • Logistics

    Deliver parcels and packages in urgent situations and reduce ground vehicle traffic.

  • Construction

    Inspect high-rise building façades and monitor construction sites to enhance work safety.

  • Environmental Management

    Monitor pollution emissions to accurately detect and measure environmental pollutants.

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