Physical Security Solutions

Safeguarding Citizens and Critical Infrastructure

The ability to protect our airspace, maritime waters and critical infrastructure from terrorism, piracy and illegal activities is integral to both public safety and national security. Drawing from the expertise of multidisciplinary teams and in-depth technical know-how, ST Engineering equips governments with integrated physical security solutions to address threats before they happen.
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Complete Physical Security Solutions for all Industries

Optimise Airport Operations and Automate Airport Security

Optimise air traffic control with our Airport Operating Control System for faster flight turnaround, and increase customer satisfaction with biometrics security for shorter queue time.

Safeguard Maritime and Coastal Security

Increase maritime vigilance with real-time monitoring and smart analytics, and correctly anticipate potential incidents with vessel tracking and anti-collision warnings.

Enhance Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protect critical infrastructure using biometrics, high-accuracy Intrusion Detection system, drones and data analytics to minimise the impact on visitors and reduce strain on resources.


Integrated Security Management System

Getting Holistic on National Security

Adopting a piecemeal approach in securing critical infrastructure, homeland assets, and high-security sites may lead to compromises in national safety. Since 1988, SecurNet has been helping governments and agencies deploy security solutions that integrate multiple disparate security subsystem in one powerful platform. We give you the full picture, allowing you to increase efficiency and gain faster responses from on-site personnel.

  • Centralised command and control for remote network configuration
  • Easily scalable from a single server to a multi-server global network
  • Database mirroring, redundancy and automatic failover with 3rd party high availability (HA) data protection solutions.
  • Fully integratable with CCTVs and lift control systems, with OPC communication for 3rd party systems
  • Multi-factor authentication support with state-of-the-art smart card, data encryption and biometric technologies such as Facial Recognition, Iris and Fingerprint Recognition and Palm Recognition

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Emergency Response System (SERIS)

Well-Rounded and Responsive Nation Care

Managing public emergencies in crowded, urban settings can be fraught with challenges. Speed of response, appropriateness of action and timely decision-making are critical to ensuring public safety. Backed by advanced technologies, IoT and data analytics, SERIS integrates multiple agencies into a single platform, enabling governments to address emergencies effectively, in real-time.

  • Real-time monitoring and data collection
  • Resource management to facilitate emergency remediation in complex situations
  • Smart analytics with actionable insights for accurate and timely decision-making
  • Single platform with a multi-agency interface to enable instant collaboration in emergency situations
  • Unified communications solutions on a single format and device-agnostic platform (Supernet)
  • Rapid deployment of command centres to mobilise resources and coordinate multi-agency rescue efforts with Cetron
  • Smart wearables such as clothing and protection equipment, medtech and head-up display for public safety and security officers

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Strengthening your First line of Defence against a Physical Breach

Perimeter fencing can keep your physical infrastructure safe, but poor use of technology may render it ineffective. Through the use of advanced optical fibre sensors, Agilfence alerts you of the slightest disturbance, equipping your fencing with the sensitivity and intelligence to accurately detect and mitigate intrusion as it happens.

  • Extremely low false and nuisance alarm rate
  • Intrusion location detection accuracy of ±5m
  • Quick and easy deployment requiring only a single run of optical fibre cable around perimeter fencing
  • Highly resilient and tamper-resistant
  • Cost-efficient solution requiring less CCTV and computing resources

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Incident Response Interactive Simulation (IRiS)

State-of-the-art Training for Real-Life Situational Readiness

Emergency situations call for quick reflexes. IRiS trains officers in the aviation, maritime and land domains to respond appropriately and effectively regardless of the situation. Combining state-of-the-art simulation technologies with augmented and virtual reality, we help our customers achieve optimal levels of operational efficiency and performance with quality training programmes and support services.

  • Shooting, interview and interrogation techniques, with judgemental and teamwork skills for frontline officers (IriS Frontline)
  • Networked simulation system with procedural and decision-making training for officers in command and operations centres (IriS Command)
  • Collaborative planning, visualisation, and simulation tool to equip commanders with strategic planning skills (IriS Plan)

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SuperneT Maritime Integrated Communications System

Connecting Land and Sea Operations for Operational Efficiency

Keep all your vessels and port operations connected with the SuperneT Maritime Integrated Communications System (MICS). By integrating all communications needs on a single platform for both ship-to-shore and shore-to-shore maritime as well as offshore voice communications, SuperneT enables seamless interoperability and optimises operational efficiency and situational awareness for all aspects of maritime operations.

  • Simultaneous transmissions over multiple radios
  • PC, telephony, mobile and radio communications for multi-party operations
  • Local recording for playback of operator’s activities

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AgilTrack Maritime Surveillance and Tracking System

Deterring Maritime Crime with Proactive Surveillance

Effective surveillance capabilities can help to deter maritime crime, piracy and terrorism as maritime traffic grows. Our AgilTrack Area Surveillance and Tracking System offers a comprehensive range of tracking, detection and surveillance solutions to alert you of suspicious piracy vessels, while our innovative Track-Before-Detect technology optimises your radar capabilities for better situational awareness.

  • Unmanned, round-the-clock surveillance
  • Automatic detection triggers alerts to main control centre when suspicious vessels are detected
  • Advanced behavioural analysis for accurate identification of suspects
  • Automatically deters threats via illumination of search beams

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Airport Operating Control System

Creating World-Class Airports

As gateways to global cities, a well-run airport is very often a measure of a country's or city’s success. Leveraging advanced technology and data insights, our Airport Operating Control System streamlines airport management, making it easy for stakeholders to optimise available resources and enhance efficiency for better passenger satisfaction.  

  • Shared collaborative platform built on an intelligent sensor network
  • Access to real-time information from precise aircraft arrival timings to crowd surges
  • Pre-emptive planning capabilities for quick response to faults and issues, even before they arise
  • Data analytics and insights from multiple touchpoints for greater operational efficiency

SkyArcher Counter Drone System

Neutralisation of Emerging Threats from Commercial Drones

The use of drones to improve urban living has gained popularity, but in the wrong hands, they can pose serious threats to public safety and security. The SkyArcher Counter Drone system detects and disrupts emerging threats posed by commercial drones using a 3D - detect, decide, disrupt - approach, keeping cities safe from unauthorised intrusions.

  • Automatic detection, classification and tracking of commercial drones with RF signal detection, direction finding and visual analytics
  • Seamless operation and fusion of sensors for intelligent data collation to detect and disrupt drone targets on a timely basis.
  • Disruption of drone targets using a variety of effector options to meet different requirements
  • Quick and mobile deployment using SkyArcher Drone Inhibitor, a stand-alone multi-band, RF countermeasure system

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