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ST Synthesis Pte Ltd

Established in 2012 in Brazil, Technicae provides automotive maintenance, repair and overhaul services including automotive platforms revitalisation and modernisation projects, as well as related trade, import and export of parts and accessories for its predominantly military customers.



Supply Chain Managed Services

Coupled with professional warehouse management systems and high-capacity storage systems, our island-wide storage facilities and vehicle fleets are optimised for requirements ranging from on-demand production support to distribution milk-runs and other 3rd party logistics functions. We also offer various forms of procurement and vendor-managed inventory services

Specialised Logistics and Freight Services

We provide a wide range of non-standard asset and information managed services to government agencies and corporate enterprises, including asset administration services, satellite/ localised inventory management services, mission-critical publications management, operator and direct support maintenance of tactical equipment, event logistics and project and secured freight.

Integrated Facilities Engineering Services

We offer innovative solutions ranging from managing agent services to comprehensive maintenance and project solutions. Facilities managed include commercial complexes, government buildings, road tunnels and defence installations.