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Building Smart Ships of the Future

With more than 70 years of experience in shipbuilding and in-house design expertise, Halter Marine is able to customize designs for different classes of ships. Our highly automated production processes enable us to increase precision and efficiency to raise the quality of vessels we deliver. By integrating advanced technology in process automation, we also provide smart ship management solutions. From naval to commercial vessels including LNG-powered container/roll on-roll-off vessels, passenger ferries and tug barges, we deliver the highest industry standards required to meet customers’ operational needs and business objectives.


Maritime Security

Enhancing sea keeping, responding to maritime threats and raising the operational effectiveness of maritime security and operations are paramount to our customers.

We have designed and built fast mission crafts, barrack ships and offshore patrol vessels to the customized specifications of naval forces and maritime security agencies worldwide.

Our portfolio includes:

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Commercial Vessels

Offshore vessels

The offshore oil and gas sector has expanded tremendously over the past decades, which has led to an increased demand for offshore support vessels. Whether for carrying supplies and personnel to offshore oil platforms or for supporting exploration, we can design and build a wide range of vessels to support various offshore operations.

- 320 Class OSV

- Fast Crew Boats

- Crew Transfer Vessels


- AHTS Vessel

- Multi-purpose Oil Spill Response Support Vessel

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers

With the increased focus on cleaner and greener maritime activities, the move toward vessels that run on environmentally friendly fuel such as LNG is catching on.  

Discover the LNG-powered vessels we have designed, built and delivered to our customers including the first American offshore LNG articulated tug barge (ATB).

  • LNG Articulated Tug Barge vessel
  • LNG Container Roll-on Roll-off vessel
  • LNG Ferries
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Be it for cargo, wheeled vehicles or passengers, we customize, design and build ferries to meet our customers’ operational and business needs. We place safety as a high priority and our vessels comply with IMO standards, including safety regulations.

Discover our portfolio: 

- Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) vessel
- Roll-on Roll-off Passenger (RoPax) vessel
- High Speed Craft
- Jamestown, Virginia, Powhatan Ferry

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Research Vessels

We have the capability to design and build the ‘quiet hull’ that minimizes disruptions to marine habitats. Our track record in this specialty segment includes fisheries survey vessels (FSV) for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

- NOAA's Oscar Dyson
- NOAA's Pisces
- NOAA's Henry B. Bigelow
- NOAA's Bell M. Shimada

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