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Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

The Automatic Fare Collection system is an end-to-end revenue collection solution for operators of transportation services. 


We provide a complete range of front-end station equipment such as the Ticket Vending Machine, Ticket Office Machine, Ticket Checking/Enquiry Machine and Entry/Exit Automated Fare Gates. At the back-end, the fare accounting process is automated through the Station and Central Computer Systems, and detailed data on the system usage is transmitted to the Central Clearing House System. 

Our front-end has been further enhanced with the development of the Interactive Traveller Terminal (ITT) and Advance Fare Gate (AFG). The ITT provides the commuter with a one-stop shop for ticketing functions, such as issuing of tickets, top-up of contactless stored value cards, and customer service assistance with the flexibility of additional value-added services. Some of these services include interactive and targeted advertisements and Traveller Information. The AFG, on the other hand is designed to provide seamless “hands-free” access to commuters using facial recognition technology and long-range RFID. Commuters can walk through entry and exit points without the need to tap any physical fare reader.

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