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Command, Control and Communications (C3)

Command, Control and Communications (C3)

Our C3 system is robust, resilient and scalable, enabling operators to supervise, control and monitor an MRT Line. As a fully integrated system, it ensures the safe and effective management of railway operations, including incident and emergency situations.

Interfacing with critical E&M (Electrical & Mechanical) sub-systems such as Signalling, Power Supply, Automatic Fare Collection, Platform Screen Doors, and Communication Systems, the C3 system provides real-time situational awareness. An integral feature of the C3 system is the use of data analytics to monitor and track energy consumption as well as predict potential power outage or track fault through power performance deviation analysis.

Our C3 solution has a non-invasive multi-layer Cyber Security system to detect, identify and isolate external and internal cyber threats.

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