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Upgrade and Reset

Upgrade and Reset

ST Engineering provides comprehensive maintenance, repair, overhaul and preservation services for a wide range of defence and commercial systems and equipment.


Military Vehicles Upgrading
Our one-stop services and solutions include the upgrading of military vehicles like the M113, V200 and AMX13. Other upgrading capabilities include the HMX 1100 power pack, improved driver control station, enhanced suspension kit, external fuel tanks, gun ports/vision ports, improved heavy duty final drive and the 40/50 cupola.


Engine, Transmissions and Hydraulic Systems
Providing comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services for engine, transmission and hydraulic systems, ST Engineering’s experience in power systems covers all major engine types from Detroit Diesel, MTU and Caterpillar. SDDA is the distributor for Allison Transmission and Detroit Diesel, and an authorised service centre for a number of companies including Allison Transmission and Detroit Diesel.


Power Generators
Our Power Generators are custom-built for a wide range of applications in seaports, industrial and commercial units, power plants and offshore and mining applications.