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Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality Solutions

With advanced Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality (AR/MR) training solutions, actualisation takes over from visualisation.

Our highly versatile technology utilises hyper-realistic, life-sized and scalable 3D holograms programmed with real-world physics. Our AR and MR solutions are deployable across a range of platforms including PCs, mobile devices and smart glasses, providing workforces with real-time guidance and feedback, improving consistency in training outcomes and job performance.

Key Features of AR/MR Guided Procedures
• Congruent display of work instructions and video playbacks over actual equipment for step-by-step guidance
• Instant feedback to determine the accuracy of hand position and task performed
• Integrated and automated checklist to track task performed
• Compatible for integration with procurement systems
• Automated visual check with predetermined tolerances or parameters for quality management
• Remote assistance for off-site troubleshooting


Key Features of MR Immersive Solution
• 3D holograms with real-world physics including gravity, motion and collision
• Intuitive gestures for manipulation and interaction
• Realistic surround sound to mimic environmental feedback
• Hands-free operations
• Multi-user synchronisation to train task collaboration and coordination
• Integrated virtual repository of training, operational and assessment materials

Development of Customised Solutions
• Create scalable software and applications to capitalise on unique capabilities of mixed reality
• Integration with systems software for administration, logistics, maintenance, training etc.
• Integration with hardware and sensors to expand capabilities and augment user experience
• Integration with existing simulation platforms to enhance realism