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Kidron Refrigerated and Insulated Distribution Truck Bodies

Kidron Refrigerated and Insulated Distribution Truck Bodies

Ultra Truck Bodies, the industry standard for refrigerated distribution, are designed to meet the challenges of multi-stop, multi-temp distribution. Ultra Truck Bodies are available with Kidron's innovative ACMT™ partition systems, allowing users to transport products requiring four different temperatures in one body.

The Hackney Classic delivers the quality, strength and overall value needed for the multi-stop distribution of both refrigerated and frozen products, from ice cream and ice to meats, fruits and produce.

Created for the reliable, secure delivery of multi-temperature dairy products, the Hackney Dairy Classic offers advantages most requested by leading dairies.

The Glaciervan provides excellent quality, durability and thermal efficiency you expect from Kidron. Its high-strength steel I-beam crossills and mainsills support heavy cargo and accommodate pallet jack loading and unloading.

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