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Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System (PIS)

The Passenger Information System (PIS) provides a complete communications and information system which comprises many sub-systems such as the train communications backbone network, radio, video surveillance, public address, passenger emergency telephony, multi-channel voice recorder, clock and real-time display.

Our LCD Dynamic Route Map Display enhances commuter experience by providing arrival and departure status at train stations, airports, seaports, as well as other useful information such as places of interests, public events, commercial advertisements, public announcements, and the latest weather updates at stations and on-board trains.

Enabled with the Mobile Train Operator Control Panel, the operator can control the on-board PIS and CCTV systems in a driverless environment. Our award-winning Passenger Emergency Communications Unit is equipped with audio and video communication capabilities including on-board surveillance, allowing commuters inside the train cabins to communicate with the train driver or the Operation Control Centre in the event of an emergency.

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