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Platform Screen Door (PSD)

Platform Screen Door (PSD)

Our Platform Screen Door is a full turnkey system designed to improve safety and comfort as well as conserve energy within the platform environment. We offer the PSD in half or full height for both green-field and brown-field project requirements. Our PSD is engineered to meet the heavy-duty requirements of the busiest MRT systems of the world. 

Designed and tested to meet high reliability, availability and high safety standards, our PSD interfaces to Signalling and other systems such as Command, Control & Communication and Passenger Information System. Key components such as the Door Control Unit and associated control devices are developed in-house. We are equally adept at aesthetics, such as in the creation of a full glass façade. 

As an innovative and technology-driven product, our PSD can also be operated using the wireless function without having to interface to Signalling. Another key feature is the Dynamic Information Display, which enables operators to communicate with commuters through a versatile multimedia platform. Information displayed can include real-time emergency alerts, train carriage availability and advertisements. For example, information on the car load could direct the commuter to less crowded platform areas or doors for boarding.

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