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Soldier Systems

The warfighter plays an increasingly important role in a battlefield that is digitally connected in the future. By providing him with increased protection, convenience and connectivity, his capabilities are enhanced as part of a force-multiplier effect. ST Engineering offers a range of soldier systems that range from lightweight armour to energy systems that convert a soldier’s walking motion into electrical energy.

Soldier of the Future

In our quest to optimise the capabilities of the future soldier, the ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment) system addresses the challenges of warfighters in the modern battlefield with four key sub-systems.

  1. Clothing & Protection Equipment
  • Superior weight reduction with advanced materials
  • Ergonomic design based on Human Factors Engineering Analysis
  • Market leading performance in thermal and evaporative Resistance

  1. Power & Energy Management
  • Integrated system for wireless charging, power management and supply
  • Highest density fuel cell system for longest endurance
  • Market leading efficiency for all-orientation wireless charging
  • Complete power and data management system for intuitive interface with soldier devices

  1. Sensors & Individual Equipment
  • Seamless interface to Power & Energy Management System
  • Multiple integrated sensors for situational awareness
  • World's lightest and most compact Augmented Reality C2 system for the battlefield
  • Most advanced lightweight personal cooling system

  1. Medtech & Human Augmentation
  • Breakthrough solution for real-time condition monitoring and alert system
  • Integrated data analytics for training improvement and mission profiling
  • Lightweight and passive exoskeleton system for load reduction and performance enhancement


The ARIELE Soldier system addresses the challenges of warfighters in the modern battlefield.