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Project Management

Project Management

We represent our client in managing the implementation of the project. We will supervise the nominated contractors to ensure a smooth installation, final testing, commissioning and acceptance of the systems by the client, and train our client on the new systems. Throughout the project, our consultants will maintain close contact with both our client and the contractors to ensure that the project progresses according to the contract specifications

Stage 1 - Opening Meeting

The implementation process starts with an opening meeting with the awarded contractor on-site, to discuss details of the project plan, programme and key milestone dates.

Once the project schedule is approved by the client, our team will monitor the contractor’s progress and performance, and maintain site records during the installation stage

Stage 2 - Implementation Process

Throughout the implementation period, our consultants will:

- Vet and endorse all plans and drawings submitted by the contractor

- Monitor the contractor’s progress and performance and maintain site records

- Check, verify and endorse claims by the contractor

- Ensure that installation works are done according to the approved design

Stage 3 – Testing & Commissioning

Our consultants will test and commission all operational aspects of the system to ensure that the system is operating to the specifications and performance detailed in the original planned specification documents.

Stage 4 – Handing Over to the Client / System Training

Finally, we will supervise the handover of the security system to the client. Our consultant will also help customise training for the client so that they will be familiar with the operational procedures of the security equipment and services.