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Security Audit / Study

Security Audit Study

Working together with our clients, our consultants will craft an integrated security masterplan that incorporates physical, electronics, procedural and personnel security. Our consultants will see through the implementation and execution of the plan, as required by our client.

Stage 1 - Preliminary Preparations

  • Due diligence is carried out to understand your facility, its surroundings and history

Stage 2 – Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

The TVRA covers internal and external threats ranging from terrorism, improvised explosive devices, chemical, biological and radiation agents to crime, burglary and vandalism, and vulnerabilities in the facility. We will assess the nature and likelihood of each threat, and the consequence to the business if it actually occurs.

Stage 3 – Findings and Recommendations Report

This provides a general outline of the protection measures comprising:

  • - A detailed report will be submitted to client upon completion of the security audit/ survey. The report will feature the threats and vulnerabilities, as well as security counter-measures recommended by our team of experts.