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Security Master Planning

Security Master Planning

Working together with our clients, our consultants will craft an integrated security masterplan that incorporates physical, electronics, procedural and personnel security. Our consultants will see through the implementation and execution of the plan, as required by our client.

Stage 1 - Preliminary Preparations

  • - Due diligence is carried out to understand your facility, its surroundings and history

Stage 3 – Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

  • - A detailed day and night site survey is carried out on the entire facility to assess the threats and vulnerabilities.
  • - Our team will assess the adequacy of current security measures and meet up with the staff to obtain relevant inputs and information regarding operational plans and requirements to recommend a cost-effective security solution.
  • - A Security Study can also be carried out for planned projects that have not commenced construction – this is done via a detailed review of the architectural drawings for the planned site.

Stage 3 – Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

Based on information gathered, the TVRA will be a comprehensive description of:

  • - Threats associated with the facility and the probability of occurrence
  • - Analysis of vulnerabilities as well as the operations and activities in relation to the threat scenarios
  • - Assessment of associated loss or impact on the facility should the threat occur
  • - Overall risk profile of the facility based on results from the TVRA

Stage 4 – Security Concept Plan

This provides a general outline of the protection measures comprising:

  • - Concept of protection
  • - Layers of protection
  • - Security means and measures
  • - Deployment of security measures in different levels of security

Stage 5 – Security Protection Plan (SPP)

  • - Our SPP defines, details and describes specific Security Operating Procedures (SOPs), including contingency plans for the entire facility and its sub-facilities.
  • - The security plan of the site and building layout plan, together with the budgetary estimate and time frame for implementing the proposed systems will be presented to our client for review.
  • - The SPP will provide all the details for the implementation of the security measures, incorporating security design features that had been developed from the PFDD, TVRA, Blast Effect Analysis (BEA) and Structural Resilience Study (SRS). This includes all necessary certifications, test data, calculations and drawings relevant to the facility.

Stage 6 – Tender Preparation and Evaluation

  • - The security drawings, performance specifications and any other applicable details will be prepared and integrated into our client’s standard tender document to invite contractors’ bids for the implementation of the proposed security systems.
  • - We will evaluate the tender submissions and provide professional advice on the strengths and weaknesses of the contractors, the quoted prices for our client’s decision on the appointed contractors.

Stage 7 – Project Management and Implementation

Our consultants will help to ensure the timely and smooth implementation of the projects by supervising the nominated contractors from the installation stage till the final testing, commissioning and acceptance of the systems by the client.