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Security Planning & Design

Security Planning & Design

Security Planning and Design of the facility’s security will incorporate both the existing security means and measures with the recommended enhancements to the facility. The overall plan will include the strategic positioning and performance specifications of the physical, electronic security systems and sub-systems, and their integration into an overall security system.

Stage 1 - Preliminary Preparations

  • - Due diligence is carried out to understand your facility, its surroundings and history.

Stage 2 – Security Design Development in a Security Concept Plan

  • - Our team will develop and design the security plan of the facility, incorporating existing security means and measures with recommended enhancements to the facility.
  • - The plan details the description, performance specifications, bill of quantities, strategic positioning, cabling and support systems for the physical and electronic security systems, sub-systems and their integration into the overall security system

Stage 3 – Security Technical Plan with Budget and Timelines

  • - The security plan of the site and building layout plans together with the budgetary estimates and implementation time frame will be presented to our client.
  • - Our consultant will present the detailed designs for approval and make alterations to the specifications and drawings as required.
  • - Some of the systems and sub-systems are as follows:

- Building perimeter surveillance systems
- Physical barrier systems
- Under-vehicle surveillance systems
- Electronic access control systems
- Intrusion detection systems
- CCTV systems
- Video recording systems
- Security management systems
- Metal detectors
- X-ray machines
- CBRE detection