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WISX IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

WISX IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

Cities around the world are leveraging smart technologies to better operate and manage municipal services. WISX IoT solutions are developed to help city service providers manage multiple city services on a municipal platform. The WISX IoT Platform provides seamless communications and cross domain analytics to generate insights and predictive actions that improve operational efficiency and boast energy savings for city management.

We have the extensive experience and knowledge to successfully deploy automated utility meters, smart street lightings, public safety, mobility and environmental solutions for cities worldwide. The WISX multi-domain IoT solutions on a unified platform delivers safe and sustainable cities to residents with benefits that exceed the returns from integrating individual sub-systems.

The WISX IoT Solutions for Smart Cities comprise:
• WISX IoT Platform
• WISX Smart Street Lighting
• WISX Smart Indoor Lighting
• WISX Smart Energy Resource Management
• WISX Smart Environment Monitoring
• WISX Smart Waste Management
• WISX Smart Lift Monitoring

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