Smart Environment

Transforming today’s urban environments for a more liveable future

Sustainable Environments, Sustainable Living

The use of technology to promote sustainable growth is a critical element for any city that calls itself “smart”.

At ST Engineering, we leverage data and digital intelligence to help you solve public and environmental problems effectively. Our integrated AI-enabled platform intelligently acquires city-wide data, translating them into alerts, insights and actions. Agencies and city operators can remotely monitor, manage and identify opportunities to enhance city functions in real-time, making their city more resilient, sustainable and liveable.

Making Sense of Environments with:

  • IOT Solutions for Municipal Services

    Improve urban living with city-wide embedded sensors for continuous environmental monitoring and management of smart street lighting, air quality, home energy consumption, and more.

  • Smart Water and Waste Management

    Design, build and manage water, waste and renewable energy solutions that prioritise environmental preservation, while staying compliant with regulations and international standards.

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