Smart Mobility

Orchestrating cities' integrated mobility networks and infrastructure for greater efficiency and improved commuter experience

Moving Cities into the Future, Today

As the world’s population grows and urbanisation intensifies, there is a pressing need to move people and goods even more efficiently over longer distances.

At ST Engineering, we have revolutionised transportation systems in over 40 cities worldwide. By equipping them with smart, integrated mobility solutions, we have increased infrastructure availability, optimised operational efficiency and enhanced commuter experience. We believe the way we integrate, digitalise and automate infrastructure today, will set the benchmark for mobility tomorrow.

Making Sense of Mobility with:

  • Rail Electronics Solutions

    Enhance commuter experience and promote safety with passenger information updates, automated ticketing, 24/7 control centre and more.

  • Autonomous Solutions

    Increase convenience, safety, and productivity with autonomous solutions ranging from autonomous buses, industrial service robots, to security robots that keep our cities safe.

  • Traffic Management Solutions

    Relieve congestion and improve operational efficiency with real-time insights that enable cities to predict, manage and improve traffic management.

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