Smart Security

Preparing cities to counter physical and cyberthreats

Security, the Pillar of Smart Cities

The complexity of today’s city systems has increased their vulnerability to external threats. Protecting public safety and urban infrastructure against crimes and cyberattacks have become integral components of smart cities.

At ST Engineering, our solutions protect borders, critical infrastructure, key assets, personnel and citizens. Our data-driven insights equip law enforcement officers with the ability to anticipate, combat and outsmart attackers. Having deployed more than 100 large-scale security projects across 18 cities, we are well-positioned to address threats to public safety and national security.

Making Sense of Security with:

  • Cybersecurity Solutions

    Secure citizen data, government networks and critical infrastructure with advanced technologies, unparalleled threat intelligence and elite cyber experts.

  • Physical Security Solutions

    Strengthen borders, airports, seaports and critical assets with integrated solutions that optimise manpower, increase safety and enhance situational awareness.

  • Drone Networks Solutions

    Equip law enforcement with real-time insights into security threats and emergency situations for better-informed decision-making and faster response time.

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